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The tissue banks located all over the world, especially in America and Europe, offer donated and processed human tissues that have been improving the quality of human life for more than a quarter century.

We have conducted since 2014, we established R & D studies in the aftermath of the successful conclusion of this project in the 2019 year Turkey will be ready to service. In Turkey with our own resources; Orthopedics, General Surgery, Orthodontics, Brain surgery, Plastic surgery etc. we aim to contribute to the fields. Our facility is designed in accordance with international standards and national legislation. Processing, storage and distribution services are carried out from the same center. The center is monitored 24/7 on a satellite basis and continuously serves health facilities.

Advanced technology PASCO2 method is used in our facility. This method used by the best tissue banks in America and Europe is of great importance for the safety of tissue.

Tissue supplies are provided to all health institutions from our facility. All the tissues in our Bank are provided and processed by health and safety measures in European and international standards.

The Eurasia Tissue Bank, which we have established in order to improve the quality of life, will continue its work to improve personal health.

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